Sell My Inherited House

Sell my inherited house

I Need to Sell My Inherited House, Help!

First, we’re so sorry for your loss. This can be a very challenging time for many reasons, and dealing with property ownership is tough at the best of times.

Check out this video and see why people who inherited or about to inherit a house sell their houses to investors like

If you’ve inherited a property and it needs repairs or if you just wanna sell it quicky, specializes in buying houses for people who recently inherited a home. I’ll give you a quick example. So, last week I am with the family and the mother had passed away, it’s a tough moment for everybody. Several kids who’re going to inherit the house. The house needs a roof, cooling unit, a heating unit, it was very dated. The total repairs came out to $30,000 plus. The kids could have done the $30,000 repair and then hire a realtor and listed the house on market for sale. But, they all have full-time jobs and families. $30,000 is a lot of money. They don’t have the connections or painters, roofers, HVAC crews, and that’s what I do. So, I was able to step in and offer a fair cash price for this house and it was over within a week. They don’t have to make any repairs, they took the time to take all the important things in the house that’s meant something to the family and left everything else behind. I sent my crews over there to clean up the remaining items on the house, which is a lot. So, they did it on their term. They wanted to close quickly. So, in less than 14 days after we put it on contract, we closed. I gave them enough time to get all the memorabilia out of the house. When it’s all set and done everybody was happy. They could have made more money selling a house the normal route like with the relator after doing those repairs. Absolutely! Would that have caused more strife in the family, you know conversations between siblings that are uncomfortable? Probably! So, we are not the solution to any real estate issue you might have right now, but if you have a house that you have inherited we’re a company that you can rely on for that. There are a lot of people saying they buy houses these days, What I would strongly suggest is that you speak to their closing attorney in town. Make sure that they are the real deal, that they are not someone who’s trying to flip the house to a real investor without ever buying it. That happens a lot. Ask for a proof of funds letter. They say they’re paying cash, then say “show me your bank statement”, “show me that you have the money in the bank to do this, that you have the ability to execute”. A lot of people out there putting houses under contract with no intention of buying them at all. Ans selling them off hopefully to an investor, by the time it comes down for closing. and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you just need to know the full intention of whoever you are working with. I am a licensed real estate broker in town. I love realtors. I love working with realtors. If you are in a situation wherein you have a family friend that is a realtor. Ia m happy to work with realtor friend who could represent you and even protect you further. If you have any questions about selling a house that you have been inherited or you are about to inherit. Reach out to me, I work with a lot of people that are moving off into a nursing home, that next phase of life and they have a house that they need to sell in as-is condition and you don’t have to worry about removing all of the items in the house. My name is James Wachob. I’d love to give you a cash offer on any house in Memphis, Tennessee. Any condition, any price. We buy houses in Germantown, we buy houses in Raliegh, we buy houses in Whitehaven, we buy houses in Bartlett. There’s not an area that we don’t go to. There’s not a price range that’s too expensive to too low for us. And there’s not a condition of the house that I haven’t seen before. So don’t be afraid of me coming into the house and see it’s entirety with a lot of TLC.


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